Valencia Hotspots!

July 26, 2018

valenciaIn my last blog post, I told you guys that I wanted to share my favorite hotspots in Valencia with you all. So, if you’re ever in Valencia, these are the things I recommend you visit!

Valencia Botanical Garden

The Valencia Botanical garden is a huge park with different kinds of plants, flowers and trees. Entry is only 2 euros and it’s definitely worth visiting. For one because you can take the most beautiful pictures and for two because there’s a lot of shade which can be a gift on a hot day!

valenciaEl Miguelete

El Miguelete is a church tower with the most amazing view over the city. It’s about 207 steps and let me tell you, it definitely was a challenge to get up there! But once you’re there, you can enjoy the view for as long as you like! Entry was 2 euros.

valenciaCiudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

The City of Arts & Sciences was definitely on our to do list! We didn’t actually enter any of the museums, simply because those were a little expensive, but walking around the city is an experience in itself!

valenciaObservation Deck & Pier

The observation deck and pier is a really fun spot to hang out and rest. There’s not a lot of shadow, so make sure you bring a hat and/or sunscreen. But since you’re on the water, there’s a lot of wind which makes the heat bearable!

valenciaTouristing Valencia

We decided to rent bikes for two days at Touristing Valencia. We rented 6 bikes for 48 hours and it was only 96 euros (16 euros per bike)! The bikes were brand new and came with a lock. We really enjoyed riding our bikes through the city and rode them all the way to the beach!

valenciaThe Beach

Speaking of the beach, that’s also one of the hotspots in this blog post! We rented 5 beach chairs and 3 parasols for 40 euros and had the best chill day.

valencia Jardin Del Turia

Last place on this list is the Turia gardens. We hung out in the park a couple of times and it has so much to offer: bike lanes, running tracks, dog parks, fountains, sports fields, … Definitely worth a visit!

BONUS HOTSPOT: Breakfast at Brunch Corner

On our first day, we had breakfast at the Brunch Corner, a tiny little breakfast place onΒ PlaΓ§a de Sant Bult with really good pancakes, fresh fruit, juices, coffee and more. Like everywhere else in Valencia, we didn’t spend a lot of money at all but did get a lot of food. Also, it’s super close to the Turia gardens, so the perfect way to start your day!

That’s it for our favorite spots in Valencia! I’m currently in Chicago with my grandpa and will be heading down to NYC on Sunday to start the musical theatre program I told you about! In Chicago, we visited the town where my family used to live (Evanston) and of course, the city! More pictures from that trip will be up this Monday!


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