Try On Haul + Personal Update

July 8, 2017

Oh hey, I’m back! I took some time off to focus on other things, so today I wanted to update you guys a little bit. Also, I went shopping and ordered some stuff online and I’m sharing some pictures with you!

So first of all, #ProjectSelfLove is over. And by that, I mean that the try-out month is over. It went pretty great! I do have a lot of working points because I’m still not where I want to be mentally. So, I’m just going to keep on doing what I’m doing until I do get there!

I also did some shopping while the sales are going on because let’s face it, I’m never not broke… Anyway, I FINALLY found the rain coat I’ve always wanted. It’s a jacket by ONLY and when I bought it, it was about €25,00! Totally worth it because I’m obsessed with it. Can it rain, please?

I also invested in some good shoes now that the sales are going on. I asked you guys to help me pick out some shoes and most of you really loved these all-white Reebok Classics, so I let the internet decide (they kind of were my favorites as well).

Oh and the white and pink top are both from Pimkie! Thanks to my brother for helping me shoot these photos!

Photos: Julien Ingelaere

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