Travel Diary: Valencia #2

July 19, 2018

valenciaLast week, I shared the first part of our Valencia Travel Diary and today, I’m sharing part two!

valencia valencia valencia valencia valencia valencia valencia valenciavalencia valencia valencia valencia valenciaI loved our little trip to Valencia! It’s a beautiful city and it’s actually a pretty cheap city when it comes to attractions, food and accommodation. We rented 6 bikes at Touristing Valencia for 48 hours and it was only €96! That’s €16 per bike for 48 hours! The bikes were really good quality and they looked brand new. The price also included a sturdy lock and key.

We spent a day at the beach and rented 3 parasols and 5 beach chairs for an entire day for €40. That’s like €6 per person… We were pleasantly surprised that even the restaurants don’t charge so much for their amazing food. We almost never paid more than €10 per person for dinner, so if you’re on a budget but want to travel to a warm and vibrant city, definitely consider Valencia!

I’m working on a little after movie about our trip, which will be up soon! Besides that, I’m thinking about writing a blog post about our favorite spots in Valencia and the things you should definitely visit or do! Would you be interested in that? Let me know!


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