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Thank You, 2016

January 2, 2017

Thank you, 2016. Personally, this year has been the best year so far. I know I said that last year as well, but 2016 was even more special to me. So today, I wanted to look back on my favorite moments of 2016.

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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2017

NYHappy New Year, everyone! It’s 2017, how crazy is that? Personally, I’m really excited about 2017 because this is the year that I will be interning in Washington D.C., the year I will be graduating from college, the year I start my (adult) life and the year I turn 21 years old. As for New Year’s resolutions, I don’t really do those. What I like to do is write down specific goals for the year, like I did in 2016. So that blog post will be up soon! Have a wonderful day.


Photo: Pexels