Primark Haul: Fall 2017

October 17, 2017

I asked you guys on Instagram if you wanted to see a Primark Haul, and so many of you were excited so here it is!

Honestly, I needed a lot because I don’t have that many pieces in my wardrobe. Every three months, I sort through my clothing and give away the stuff I haven’t worn that much, so it was time to go get some new pieces.

First of all, my Ron Weasley sweater. This just reminded me of the Weasleys so much. A red sweater with patches. Also, I found these two headbands for Halloween and I just got way too excited.

Sweater: €16 // Devil Headband: €3 // Bat Headband: €4

Two words: PRIMARK PAJAMAS. I love these things. I only had summer pajamas left and it was getting cold up in my room, so I was so happy to find these. Oh and these slippers are so comfy. They have memory foam so my feet are living the dream. Is it just me or is fall way better with cozy pajamas and slippers?

Pajamas: €10 each // Slippers: €8

I bought a new coat in Primark. I’m doing an entire separate post on that, so that’ll be up soon as well. Anyway, I bought two scarfs to go with the coat. These are so soft but they do give off a lot of fuzz. I also got a huge blanket and some mini socks.

Scarfs: €5 each // Blanket: €14 // Mini Socks: €3,50

Last but not least, I also stopped by H&M. The glasses are by Claire’s. I thought they might be fun for Halloween (maybe a Jessica Day look?).

Glasses: €7,50 // Hair Clip: €2,99 // Tights: €7,99 // Yoga Pants: €19,99

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