NYX Cosmetics Gift Basket!

May 17, 2018

NYX CosmeticsA few weeks ago, I helped one of my friends with some video editing. Inge is in the TOP 10 in the Belgium NYX Face Awards and she asked me if I wanted to help her out with editing her next makeup video. As a thank you, she gave me some really nice NYX and Redken products. Today, I’m unboxing the gift basket!

NYX Cosmetics NYX Cosmetics NYX Cosmetics NYX Cosmetics NYX CosmeticsI am loving my Friends-shirt right now. It’s from H&M and it’s only €9,99. You can buy it here!

Inge got me some NYX face products and some Redken haircare and honestly, I love the box it came in. I’m definitely going to try out these products and let you know my thoughts. I’ve heard so much about NYX, but I never actually tried their products. Also, how cool is it that Inge is in the TOP 10 for the NYX Face Awards? If you’d like to vote for her so she can get to the TOP 5, you can do that here.

Thank you, Inge!


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