Why I returned my ban.do Agenda & Planner

March 15, 2017

Remember in my weekly recap when I talked about this agenda I had ordered? Well, it arrived and today I’m reviewing it!

I ordered this agenda by ban.do on the Anthropologie website. It was on sale for $14,95. The original price is $22,00. I have wanted an agenda by ban.do for a really long time, so when I found this one, my heart skipped a beat. What I didn’t notice though, is the reason why it was on sale. This is the 17-month planner, which means the agenda starts mid 2016 and ends in December 2017. So, since it’s almost mid 2017, more than half of the pages are useless because those months are already over…

The agenda does come with a lot of cute stickers.

What I like about this agenda is that there’s a lot of writing space and quotes. The months are also pointed out by tabs in different colors.

Every page also has a nice thing you can do that week. It does help out when you don’t really know what to do that week. So, it’s a really nice agenda. I’m just disappointed that there’s so many pages I can’t use anymore. I guess that’s also kind of my fault. Anyway, that’s why I decided to return it. But if you like how this agenda looks, you can order the 2017-2018 one pretty soon!

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