My Weekend in Pictures #9

May 21, 2018

my weekend in pictures, friendsFind out what I did this weekend. It involves a friends’ birthday party, kittens (that’s right!) and an upcoming showcase!

my weekend in pictures, birthday partyFriday was Caroline’s 22nd birthday party and I got there early to help her set up. Also, I was in charge of the garlic bread and I took the job seriously… πŸ™‚

my weekend in pictures, kittens my weekend in pictures, kittensOn Saturday, I went over to Lauren, Eline and Julie’s place to plan our trip to Valencia. Their cat had four kittens recently and I basically hung out with them all night. They are soooo cute and they wanted to play with my shoelaces, which of course, I let them.

my weekend in pictures, breakfastFor breakfast on Sunday, I had these healthy (vegan) oatmeal pancakes with some nectarines on the side and a little bit of maple syrup. They were so good! You can find the recipe here. To make the pancakes vegan, I just decided not to add the eggs.

my weekend in pictures, mug cakeAfter visiting my grandparents and reading the fifth Harry Potter book for a while, I made this delicious (vegan) chocolate chip mug cake. This literally took me 5 minutes to make and it was perfect. I used this recipe as inspiration, but I switched out the brown sugar for coconut sugar, the low fat milk for almond milk and I didn’t add vegetable oil. This mug cake is amazing for those times you want something sweet, but not too unhealthy and not too much.

After that, I headed over to our dance rehearsal for Fame!

my weekend in pictures, rehearsalI got up early on Monday to pick up Julie and head over to our Wysiwyg CafΓ© rehearsal with Heleen. Our theatre company does these showcases about twice or thrice a year and each showcase has a different theme. This time, it’s all about Eurovision and there’s going to be lots of amazing songs, like Waterloo by ABBA. Tickets are on saleΒ but these showcases sell out quickly, so get them now if you want to come by on June 3rd! πŸ˜‰

my weekend in pictures, drumsI spent some time practicing the drums Monday afternoon. My character in Fame, Grace Lamb, is a drummer so my brother’s been giving me drum lessons every Monday. Right now, I’m practicing on switching from an open hi-hat to a closed hi-hat and it’s pretty hard to learn, but I’m really excited about playing.

That’s it for this weekend. Little update on my blog: IΒ added a ‘theatre’ category, where you can find every blog post about the musicals I’ve done! Thursday’s blog post is going to be a yummy one. Can you guess?Β 


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