My Weekend in Pictures #8

May 14, 2018

my weekend in pictures, musicalFind out what I did this weekend. It involves a surprise trip with Dad, family and Mother’s Day!

my weekend in pictures, last post my weekend in pictures, veggie burger my weekend in pictures, YpresI’m starting my recap on Thursday, since it was Ascension day so we had an extra long weekend. I took my Dad on a surprise trip to Ypres to go see The Last Post. We visited the Flanders Fields Museum and had veggie burgers at a really fun restaurant called ‘Les Halles’.

my weekend in pictures, video editingOn Friday, I helped Inge with her new video for the NYX Face Awards. More on that later!

my weekend in pictures, eclairWhen Mom came home, she had super fancy éclairs from Ghent with her. Yumm!

my weekend in pictures, musical my weekend in pictures, bbqOn Saturday, I went to see Lauren and some other friends in El Duende, a children’s musical. It was so cute and actually really funny! After that, my grandparents came over for dinner.

my weekend in pictures, the originalsAfter dinner, I watched The Originals in bed. I’m not sure if I still like the show, but I do want to know how it ends, haha! Is anyone else feeling like that?

my weekend in pictures, Mother's DaySunday was Mother’s Day and Julien and I made a big breakfast. We had croissants, rolls, fruit, fresh orange juice, cheese, … After that, I just had a casual chill Sunday with some cleaning up, writing and listening to the new ‘Frozen on Broadway’ cast album. Has anyone listened to it yet? It’s soooo good!

Right now, I’m getting ready to go to our dance rehearsal for Fame. How was your weekend?


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