My Weekend in Pictures #5

April 23, 2018

my weekend in pictures, birthday, bershkaFind out what I did this weekend! It involves musical theatre friends, a playdate for our dog and the first rehearsal for Fame, the musical!

my weekend in pictures, musical, friendsOn Saturday, Camille, Heleen and I reunited (even though we saw each other last weekend and a couple of weeks before that) at a mini Daens-reunion. I love these girls so much!

my weekend in pictures, friends, musicalAfter catching up, we headed to a concert by our town’s local choir. It was all dutch songs and we sang along and probably made a little too much noise but hey, it was too much fun! Besides Camille, Heleen and I, our usual Daens-clique was there as well.

my weekend in pictures, birthday, bershkaI wore this denim playsuit by Bershka and I can already tell I’ll be wearing this a lot this summer! Heleen, Camille and Lukas also got me some birthday gifts which was sooooo sweet of them, I didn’t expect it at all! I can’t wait to try out some recipes from this vegetarian cook book and make little yogurt popsicles.

my weekend in pictures, dogWhen I woke up on Sunday, we had a visitor… Our dog Indy had a little sleepover with Pipa, my dad’s friends’ dog. She is so cute, when I came downstairs she was all excited!

my weekend in pictures, musical, fame my weekend in pictures, musical, fameSunday night was the very first rehearsal for our new musical, Fame! The auditions were on Tuesday and I got the part of Grace Lamb. I’m really looking forward to learning how to play the drums and playing live on stage. Oh and yes, I did wear that denim playsuit again because I LOVE IT! I’m also doing the social media and videos for Wysiwyg Theaterproducties, so go check out their Instastories to see some bits from our first rehearsal! Also, a video will be up soon.

And that’s it for this weekend. I am so looking forward to Fame-rehearsals. As I’m writing this, it’s about 11.50 P.M., so I’m going to call it a night! Check back in soon for a new blog post! πŸ˜‰

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