My Weekend in Pictures #3

April 3, 2018

Find out what I did this weekend!

On Saturday, I packed my bags and went to Nele’s. They went skiing, so I’m temporarily living at their place to take care of their cat Mango. As you can see, we had a pretty cozy time πŸ˜€ .

In the evening, Caroline came by and we had fries for dinner. After that, we went to see Black Panther. It was sooooo good, I want to go see it a second time!

Sunday was Easter, so after playing with Mango (or rather: after Mango was done playing with my socks), I went home and got some Easter eggs!

After lunch, I came back to Nele’s place and made some popcorn whilst working on a new blog post for next week! After that, I packed my backpack because on Monday…

My brother and I flew to London to visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour a.k.a. the Harry Potter studios! But more on that later… πŸ˜‰

Read last weekend’s recap here!

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