My Weekend in Pictures #24

November 25, 2018

Find out what I did this weekend!

On Saturday, I went to see Oklahoma the musical with my grandparents. The music was so beautiful, I was singing along in my head the entire time!

After that, my dad and I got dinner and headed to the movie theatre. We were going to see Beautiful Boy and oh my… It was an emotional rollercoaster I did not see coming. Such a compelling story!

On Sunday, I did a workout (no pictures because my head looked like a tomato that came alive…) and after that, we went to pick up my mom from the airport. She’d been on a trip to Denmark and Sweden to see one of my cousins! I was so happy when I saw the Christmas lights and tree at the airport! I’m so ready for December.

NextΒ weekend is going to be a fun one!


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