My Weekend in Pictures #21

September 30, 2018

my weekend in picturesFind out what I did this weekend! It involves Draco Malfoy playing the guitar, so…

my weekend in picturesI came home after work on Friday only to find this doggo asleep in the garden. After picking up flyers for our musical Fame, we went to see A Simple Favor! It was sooo good! It was the perfect combination of comedy and thriller.

my weekend in picturesOn Saturday, I had this avocado toast with feta cheese for breakfast. You HAVE to try this if you’re looking for a healthy weekend breakfast! So good! After breakfast we went flyering for the second time this week. This time, we met up with Milan and Lotte in Lier! Julien was already wearing his costume because…

my weekend in pictures my weekend in picturesAfter flyering, we headed to Ghent for FACTS. Julien was dressed as the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and he even met a Dalek (Doctor Who fans know what I’m talking about, haha)! We met Chewbacca and R2-D2 and we saw the Tom Felton panel. He played a couple of his songs at the end of his panel and I was just sitting there thinking: “I didn’t know Draco Malfoy could write songs…”

The second panel was with David Tennant and my god… I love him so much! I had seen him in Doctor Who before, but I didn’t know what a wonderful human being he is until I saw his panel! Such a genuine, down to earth, funny guy! My brother also got a photoshoot ticket with David Tennant for his birthday, so he got to meet him and apparently, David was super friendly one on one. I’m so happy my brother had a great day, he was really looking forward to meeting one of his heroes!

my weekend in picturesI cooked some quinoa on Sunday because I found this recipe on Pinterest and I’m super excited to try it out for breakfast this week! Also, I’m still wearing my Christmas socks but I’m kind of sad because one of my Rudolph socks is missing his nose…

my weekend in picturesI got dressed around 5PM because we went to get dinner at WOK Dynasty, a Chinese/all-in restaurant. I might’ve overdone it with dessert and I might kind of regret it, but also not too much! πŸ˜‰

I had a night of from rehearsal tonight, but I’m super excited because in two weeks, we have our Wysiwyg rehearsal weekend, where we rehearse the entire weekend from early in the morning until late at night and it’s just the best! Can’t wait!


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