My Weekend in Pictures #18

September 9, 2018

my weekend in pictures, londonThis past Saturday, my dad and I visited London! Find out what we did in my weekend in pictures!

We traveled to London early on Saturday morning. First thing on our schedule: Westminster Abbey! We saw Isaac Newton’s resting place AND I found out that both Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots are buried in the Abbey (those Reign-fans out there get what I’m talking about)! I do recommend to buy tickets in advance if you want to visit the Abbey. Otherwise, there’s a huge line and it’s more expensive!

my weekend in pictures, London, Hamilton my weekend in pictures, London, HamiltonThe second stop on our trip was Greenwood in Victoria, a sports bar we came across where we had lunch. I had the falafel burger with fries and it was sooo good! After that, we walked down to our final (and most anticipated) stop: the Victoria Palace Theatre! I had bought Hamilton tickets back in January for a really good price (because normally, those tickets are so expensive), and since my Dad really likes the music, we decided to make a trip out of it!

The show was so good! I cried so many times because it was so beautiful and sad and funny and the cast is all so talented! So happy we got to see this show. Also, even though I’ve been listening to the cast album for years, I still experienced it as a completely new show!

my weekend in pictures, londonWe took the Eurostar home around 7.30 PM, so we got food at M&S to eat on the train. I ALWAYS get this really good dessert that they have: it’s chocolate mousse, chocolate fudge and three profiteroles! I’m not really a sweet tooth but every time I travel home from London, I make sure to get me one of these. Seriously, try it!

That’s it for this weekend in pictures! Or should I say, Saturday in Pictures? My Sunday was basically cleaning my room, working on a couple of things for Wysiwyg, getting ready for rehearsal and writing a couple of blog posts, so nothing to take pictures of, really. Next weekend is a SUPER EXCITING one! We are going to Disneyland,Β yay!


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