My Weekend in Pictures #17

September 3, 2018

my weekend in pictures, wysiwyg, musicalFind out what I did this weekend! It involves A LOT of musical theatre!

On Friday night, Lauren and I drove to Westerlo to see “Rubens, the musical” because one of our friends was in the cast! When we sat down in our seats, we tried to take a selfie, and this guy behind us decided he wanted to be in the picture too, haha!

my weekend in pictures, wysiwyg, musicalThe musical was outdoors, so we brought jackets and blankets and we were right to do so because it was so cold out! But, we did enjoy the musical and had a really good time!

Saturday was so busy that I completely forgot to take pictures… I know, this isn’t the first time… But, on Saturday, we had a birthday lunch for my grandpa who turned 89! I had a really good quinoa bowl with roasted vegetables. After that, I drove to Lier to rehearse for Sunday, because…

my weekend in pictures, wysiwyg, musicalOn Sunday, Wysiwyg Theaterproducties (the musical company I’m in) performed a sneak peek of our musical “Fame” in Lier! We also had a stand where people could take some flyers! Besides performing “Fame”, we also performed some other live music. It was so much fun. Meanwhile, I was filming everything and taking photos of everything because besides being in the company, I also take care of their social media! So, videos will be live soon on their YouTube channel. Go give Wysiwyg a follow on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date!

That’s it for this weekend. It literally flew by, but next Saturday, my dad and I are going to London to see Hamilton! I’m so excited, I have been listening to the cast album for years! Also, tickets for “Fame” are now live, so get yours while they’re still available!


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