My Weekend in Pictures #16

August 26, 2018

my weekend in picturesI am back from doing some traveling, which means I’m back with My Weekend in Pictures-posts! Find out what I did this weekend!

my weekend in picturesOn Saturday, I made these vegan Chickpea wraps with a recipe I found on Tasty. It was so good and filling! The main ingredients are chickpeas, vegan mayo, mustard and red pepper.

my weekend in picturesAnd after that, popcorn and a movie! I watched Lady Bird and loved it. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely should!

my weekend in picturesOn Sunday, I got up around 8 and walked into the kitchen only to find a HUGE spider on the wall. I was home alone, so I removed it with the vacuum cleaner and I swear I was shaking for about 30 minutes after that…

Anyway, Netflix now has season 10 of Doctor Who available to stream, so I watched an episode, but Lewis was so ready to go for a walk, so I got ready and took him to the woods!

my weekend in picturesLewis met a cow on our walk 😍. I don’t think the cow liked him, though, haha!

my weekend in picturesI also learned that Sunday was National Dog Day! After our walk, Lewis and I hung out at home. Me working on the blog while watching some friends and Lewis playing with his blanket. I’ve also been working on some social media content for Wysiwyg Theaterproducties, the musical company I’m in. We’re putting on Fame as this year’s musical, and I had a really fun social media idea for that, so I’ve been working on that!

That’s it for this weekend! It’s been a really chill one but last weekend we went sailing, and the weekends before that I was up early because of being in NYC and Chicago and not wanting to stay in too long! So it’s been nice watching 4 Doctor Who episodes back to back on a Sunday afternoon, haha!


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  • Reply Rachel August 27, 2018 at 5:01 PM

    Wat een heerlijk verslag zeg, ziet er super leuk uit!

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