My Weekend in Pictures #15

July 16, 2018

my weekend in pictures, gentse feestenI’m back with a new weekend in pictures! This one involves dogsitting, watching our Red Devils play from the Gentse Feesten and more!

my weekend in pictures, gentse feestenI’m babysitting (or rather dogsitting) Jackson, so Friday was mostly settling in and playing with this dufusΒ 😂 On Saturday, we went to the Gentse Feesten and had lunch at the Wasbar. They have really good bagels and I chose the tomato mozzarella one!

my weekend in pictures, gentse feestenSupporting our national soccer team during their last game in the World Cup!

my weekend in pictures, gentse feestenWe watched the game on one of the big screens in Ghent and guess what… BELGIUM WON! Third place in the World Cup, but first place in my opinion! What a team…

my weekend in pictures, gentse feestenSunday was a chill day. I watched some Netflix, read some Harry Potter and worked on the blog. I also had a really good summer dinner: wraps with cream cheese, tomato, cucumber and spinach! So refreshing!

This is my last work week before I head to Chicago and NYC! I leave next Monday. So excited for that trip!


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