My Weekend in Pictures #13

June 18, 2018

my weekend in pictures, il cardinaleFind out what I did this weekend! It involves one of my favorite veggie hamburgers, some excited planning and a lot of Disney!

On Saturday, my mom and I went to Mechelen and had lunch at Il Cardinale. I always go for the Selfie burger with a chickpea patty, lettuce, cheddar cheese, ketchup and pickle. It’s the best veggie burger I’ve ever had!

In the afternoon, I finished signing all of my forms for my trip to NYC! I signed the lease for my apartment and some forms for my Actor Therapy course. I honestly can’t wait to go head over to NYC!

my weekend in pictures, cocoSaturday night, I watched Disney’s Coco for the first time. And yes, I cried. Such a good movie…

my weekend in pictures, asosSunday was a pretty chill day in, and I was so happy about that because my weekends have been crazy! I watched Brother Bear, which is one of the most underrated Disney films ever, in my opinion. Also, I was looking for a couple more summer dresses and found these two on Asos! I’m definitely taking these two on my trip to Valencia in two weeks.

That’s it for this weekend. Check back in on Thursday for a very yummy post! Can you guess? 😋


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