My Weekend in Pictures #10

May 28, 2018

birthday party, grandmaFind out what I did this weekend! It involves the new Star Wars movie, a ballet exam and a birthday party.

my weekend in pictures, Star WarsOn Friday, my Dad and I went to see the new Star Wars movie. It was so good, I can’t believe how much the actor playing Han reminded me of Harrison Ford. Also, I LOVED Woody Harrelson and Emilia Clarke!

my weekend in pictures, balletOn Saturday, I went to see Julie‘s final Ballet exam. Julie’s always been like my little sister so of course, I was sooo proud of her! I can’t believe she’s actually graduating in ballet. It was a super hot day, so I wore my new favorite playsuit by H&M. It’s only €14,99 and literally the most comfortable thing ever. If I could live in it, I would.

my weekend in pictures, summerOn Sunday, I was picking out an outfit and I found this playsuit I wore as Margot in Legally Blonde. I completely forgot I had this, so it was kind of like getting a gift. I’ll be wearing this a lot more often this summer! Also, I have no idea why my hair looks green in this picture… πŸ˜€ In the afternoon, my family came over because….

birthday party, cake birthday party, grandmaWe had a birthday party! Grandma turned 85 last week, so we celebrated with pie, cake and sandwiches! I always love it when my family comes over because they’re hilarious and we always have a good time. Also, I ate waaaaay too much cake, but I’m not sorry at all…

That’s it for this weekend. I’m trying to figure out new Lightroom presets, so let me know if you like the photo’s from the birthday party. All tips are welcome! Check back in on Thursday for exciting news!


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