My Week in Pictures #4

July 3, 2016

TuesdayFind out what I did this week!

Monday2Monday was a lazy day for me… In fact, the entire week was pretty laid back. I didn’t have anything planned and since I start working again next Monday, I wanted this week to be chill. So on Monday, I did a Hunger Games marathon. These were by far my favorite books in high school and I think they did such a good job with the films.

Tuesday Tuesday2On Tuesday, I started reading a new book. “Brunette Ambition” by Lea Michele had been on my bookshelf for over two years and I had read various chapters in the book, but I had never fully read it. For lunch, I cut out the middle of a piece of bread and baked an egg inside. It was really good!

ThursdayOn Wednesday, I didn’t do much. Like I said, this week was pretty laid back. I filmed and edited a video and then I made crepes. They turned out great and since I am trying very hard to not eat any sugar anymore, I combined my crepe with a banana and blueberries.

Thursday2 Thursday3Thursday consisted of more editing. You can watch the video here. After dinner, we watched Toy Story.

Friday2Friday was our national football team’s big game against Wales. We (and by “we”, I mean my brother) decorated our living room with flags and other gadgets. Unfortunately, we lost the game. But we’re still really proud of our team!

SaturdayOn Saturday, I tried out Pizza Monkey Bread. It actually took me an entire day to make this. It’s basically a pull-apart bread that tastes like pizza. It turned out really good, so I was pretty proud of myself. Pretty proud as in “I-even-danced-around-in-the-kitchen-proud”! You can find the recipe here. I definitely recommend trying it out!

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    That pizzabread was delish!

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