My Week In Pictures #1

June 12, 2016

Photo 11-06-16 11 56 55Welcome to my first ever ‘My Week in Pictures’-blog post! Find out here what I did this week.

Photo 09-06-16 19 46 40 Photo 09-06-16 20 50 40Since I only decided to start doing these ‘My Week in Pictures’-posts on Thursday, that’s also where we begin. So, on Thursday, my dad and I went for a ride on his motorcycle to go see my grandparents. They just moved, so we went for a visit.

Photo 11-06-16 11 56 55Friday was my cleaning day. I cleaned out my closet, my drawers and my memory-board, as I like to call it. As you can see, my memory-board is quite big and it had become really chaotic, so I took some things down and added some more recent memories. If you want to see a video or a blog post about how to clean out your room efficiently, let me know!

WednesdayAfter cleaning out my closet, I noticed that I didn’t have any T-shirts left. So, on Saturday, my mom and I went shopping to find some new T-shirts. I found this one at H&M. After that, I caught up on some Vampire Diaries episodes. I started this series all over again in January and I’m now in the middle of season 6. #DamonLove πŸ˜‰

Papa SundaySunday was Father’s Day and my brother and I teamed up to get my dad some really cool gifts. The first thing my dad got was two concert tickets. And then he also got this House of Cards T-shirt that I made myself. My dad absolutely loves House of Cards, so I thought I would get some transfer paper and a plain tee and make his own Underwood For President shirt. Needless to say, he loved it! Mission complete. Today, I plan on studying for my last exam on Tuesday. Fingers crossed!

What did you do this past week?

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