My Shower Routine

October 13, 2016

showerroutine1In my last blog post, I showed you guys my Morning (Skincare) Routine. I love watching routine-videos on YouTube and reading routine-blog posts, so I decided to also post my shower routine. Seven products, one girl, one shower, let’s go!

showerroutine2I don’t really have a go-to shampoo or conditioner. Right now though, I am using a shampoo by Pantene, which I actually really like. For conditioner, I always choose Syoss because they come in really big packaging so that means I don’t have to write it on the grocery list as often.

showerroutine3I like to wash my face in the shower instead of over the sink. Also, scrubbing my face is one of my favorite things to do! I use the St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. As a face cleanser, I use one that my dermatologist recommended. This one has benzoyl peroxide in it instead of salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is used in most acne-fighting face cleansers but my skin doesn’t respond to that very well. It makes my skin all irritated and red, so benzoyl peroxide is my holy grail.

showerroutine4For my legs, I like to scrub them every time I take a shower. And you know, us girls are human as well so we have to shave our armpits and stuff.

showerroutine5This shower gel by The Body Shop though. I bought this shower gel in May of 2015 and even though I use it every single time I take a shower, I still have product left! It smells amazing, it takes forever to use up and it’s cruelty free! What else do we really need?

showerroutine6After my shower, I moisturize my legs and face with this Nivea Soft CrΓ¨me. I also moisturize my hair with my favorite S Factor by Tigi True Lasting Colour Oil. This also takes forever to use up so it’s definitely worth buying! I don’t color my hair but it works great for me too. Finally, I use a few Q-tips because I’m obsessed with cleaning out my ears.

Q: what products do you like to use in the shower?

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