London 2016

April 3, 2016

London11My brother and I visited London for three days last week. We had a lot of fun and of course, took plenty of pictures! Here’s our trip to London through the lens.

London3 London1On our first day, we visited the British Museum. First of all, this museum is gorgeous! The entrance is just amazing. My favorite part about the museum was the exhibition of mummies from Egypt. Basically, this museum is about human history, so if you’re interested in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt or the Middle Ages, this is the place to be.

London21Another place I highly recommend is The Breakfast Club. It’s basically a really small place in Soho, London with the best breakfast food ever! You can find my review of this restaurant and their menu here.

London8 London9 London6On day 2, we visited the Bond in Motion museum near Covent Garden. It’s a really cool place with basically every iconic Bond car ever! So if you’re into James Bond, you should definitely go there. Tickets are about Β£14.50 per person.

On our last day, we walked the Thames path all the way from Tower Bridge to the Millennium Bridge (aka the Harry Potter bridge!) and then took the subway to get to the Big Ben.

London13 London14 London17 London16The last thing we had to visit was Buckingham Palace. I have been to London 4 times, but I had never visited Buckingham Palace. It’s an amazing building and just knowing that The Queen was there (or could’ve been there at that time) was pretty exciting.

During our stay, I also attempted to vlog for the very first time. You can find the result of that attempt on my YouTube channel, probably within the next week. So just subscribe over there, and you’ll be notified when I upload the vlogs. London is an amazing, beautiful city so if you ever get the chance to visit, definitely do.

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