Healthy Breakfast Apple Bake

September 13, 2018

food, apple bake breakfastYou know I’m always on the hunt for healthy, easy and quick breakfast recipes! I love a good smoothie, but sometimes, it doesn’t keep me full until lunch. So, I found a new recipe: Healthy Breakfast Apple Bake (oh, and it’s plant-based)!

food, apple bake breakfast food, apple bake breakfastThe recipe is so easy! It took me about 30 minutes to prepare everything and it sat in the oven for about an hour, but it’s so worth the wait. The main ingredients are oatmeal, green apples, almond milk and cinnamon. It basically tastes like apple pie, only it’s healthy and perfect for breakfast. One batch is perfect for an entire week of breakfasts! You can find the recipe here!

The recipe does call for walnuts, pecans and raisins, but I didn’t have any of those… I do believe it’ll only get better once I make a batch with those extra ingredients! Enjoy!


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