Exploring D.C. Part 5: Air & Space, Mount Vernon, Arlington Cemetery

April 12, 2017

This past weekend, I visited A LOT of places. First up was the National Air & Space Museum, then Mount Vernon and finally Arlington Cemetery. Today, I share with you my experiences and pictures!

On Friday, we visited the National Air & Space Museum. We arrived at the museum at 12 PM and even though there was a huge line outside, we got in five minutes later. I have to say, I’ve never been that into air or space. I mean, I love both but it’s never been a true passion. But this museum is amazing! It’s probably one of my favorites, if not my favorite museum in D.C..

It has a lot of exhibitions for all ages, so it’s just as interesting for kids as it is for adults. It’s the perfect combination of entertainment and learning about air and space.

On Saturday, we visited George Washington’s Mount Vernon. If there was one thing I could recommend to people visiting D.C., it would be Mount Vernon. For those of you who are not familiar with it, Mount Vernon was George Washington’s home. The property is open to the public, though you do have to buy a ticket to get in. Tickets are usually $18-$20, but it’s totally worth it.

Once you arrive at the visitor center, you are led to a theatre where you watch a 30-minute film on George Washington and why he’s so loved in the United States. Then, you can visit his property including his house, farm animals and his tomb. Afterwards, you can visit a museum filled with information and more films on Washington. You also get to tour his house and walk through a lot of rooms.

If you want to visit Mount Vernon, I would recommend you do so during the spring, specifically April. It’s then that the cherry blossoms are blooming AND THEY HAVE REALLY CUTE PIGLETS AND LAMBS AS WELL.

On Sunday, we visited Arlington Cemetery. This is where people like JFK and his family lay. It was an extremely beautiful day at 27Β°C and again, there were tons of people but you didn’t really notice because it’s so big, people just spread out. Besides the JFK gravesite, we also saw the memorial for the Battle of the Bulge and for the people who died in Nasa’s Challenger.

To end our day at Arlington Cemetery, we saw the changing of the guards at the gravesite of the Unknown Soldier. It’s right in front of this huge theatre. It was incredible to witness the changing of the guards. Really impressive.

Over all, I would say the best time to visit D.C. is during the spring. Cherry blossoms bloom, parks and outside activities are more enjoyable and you just make the best memories. With these things done, I only have three more things on my D.C. Bucket List. And with three more weeks to go, I think I’ll be able to do them all! Yay!

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