Emilie In NYC (Last Week in the USA)

April 30, 2017

My last week in the U.S. is over… As you’re reading this (if you’re reading this on Sunday), I am getting ready to leave for the airport. This entire experience has been so wonderful. But, I’m also really excited to see my friends and family again. Anyway, this past week I was in NYC and today, I’m sharing with you my recap of that week!

I arrived in NYC on Monday and since I only arrived in the afternoon, I just strolled up and down the high line and went to check out 5th Ave.

Tuesday, I visited Greenwich Village, Little Italy, China Town, Soho, the Flatiron Building and Chelsea Market!

Wednesday was BY FAR my favorite day because THAT WAS THE DAY I GOT TO SEE MY FIRST BROADWAY SHOW! Oh yes, all caps are definitely necessary! I saw Anastasia and oh my… I cried, I had chills and I laughed so many times. I could honestly write a 1000-page essay on the reasons why it’s amazing. You can even read the excitement off my face and I took that picture before going in…

On Thursday, I rented a citibike and rode it all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge. Then, I crossed the bridge on foot and ended up at Brooklyn Bridge Park, which has the most beautiful view of the skyline. I took a ferry back downtown and had a waffle at Wafels & Dinges (a Belgian waffle truck) before heading uptown to see Miss Saigon a.k.a. my second Broadway show! This show was really heavy but sooooo good as well! Again, 1000-page essay in the making…

Also, I had this pretzel but it looked so good that I couldn’t contain myself and had to take a couple of bites before taking a picture… #struggles.

It’s so weird to end this U.S.A. Travel Series after such a long time… If you want to find out if I checked off everything on my NYC Bucket List, you can find that here. See ya in Belgium!

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