Emilie In DC: Week 8

March 19, 2017

Another week in D.C. is over and it’s time for a recap! This was my favorite week so far. Keep on reading if you want to know how I met John McCain, celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and interviewed a WWII veteran.

Monday started off pretty relaxed. For lunch, I made this salad. It’s basically romaine lettuce, spinach, tomato, prosciutto and a little bit of cheese. It was so good!

On Tuesday, we had a snow day. When there’s a snow day in D.C., most people don’t have to go to work and instead work from home. Since the roads were covered in snow, I couldn’t get to work and since I’m an intern, I didn’t have to work from home. So that basically means I had a really long weekend!

On Wednesday, I met 2008 presidential candidate John McCain. Some people at my internship were going to interview a couple of politicians, but when we got there, the thing was canceled. Suddenly, someone told me John McCain was standing near us. At first, I was a total tourist, taking pictures from far off and what not. But then, we actually ended up approaching him and asking for a picture. He was in a hurry and his elevator was coming up, but we still took a picture. You only live once, I guess.

When I got home on Wednesday, I noticed these deer running around the driveway of our neighbors. That’s something pretty common around here. Deer just walk around the neighborhood and they enter gardens and driveways. They don’t belong to anybody and there’s a lot of them. Picture it as if our Belgian pigeons were deer… Okay, maybe there’s not that many deer but still.

On Thursday, we got to do the interviews we’d planned on doing Wednesday. One of our interviewees was this senator. And apparently, he’s in the a couple of Batman movies, including The Dark Knight. I looked it up and it’s true! Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof!

Friday was St. Patrick’s Day, which means you’re supposed to wear green. If you don’t, people can pinch you. Thank God I brought one green item with me… So, I wore my dark green plaid flannel. Also, I BOUGHT A TICKET FOR ANOTHER BORADWAY SHOW. I was looking up Broadway shows and saw this ticket for Miss Saigon on Broadway for $53, so I didn’t even hesitate and bought it. So I’m not only seeing Anastasia, but I’m seeing Miss Saigon the very next night!

Left Dress (similar)Right Dress

On Friday, my Boohoo order finally arrived! I ordered these dresses about two weeks ago. I actually ordered three, but the third one ended up not being that comfortable so I’m going to return it. Anyway, these two dresses are staying. I’m absolutely in love with the second one!

Also, I just came home and tried on these dresses immediately. Hence the clothing on the floor.

I finished the first book in the ‘Did I Mention I Love You‘-series, so I started reading the second one. I thought this book was going to be a really cheesy chick lit (and maybe it is) but I actually loved the first book! I also watched Jurassic Park: The Lost World before bed.

Saturday, I got the chance to interview Lt. Col. Alfred Shehab, a WWII veteran who fought in the Battle of the Bulge. I’m doing a radio report on him and his story for school. It was a really cool experience, getting to meet someone who liberated our country, listening to his stories and hearing about his experiences.

So, that’s it for week 8 out of the 14. This was, as I said, by far my favorite week so far! And with only 6 more weeks to go, let’s get week 9 started!

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