Emilie In DC: Week 5

February 26, 2017

Week 5 in Washington D.C. is over, 9 more weeks to go! Time for another recap of the week.

Monday was President’s Day, so most people don’t have to go to work then. Since I don’t have to go to work on Mondays anyway, that didn’t really have an impact for me. So, I just hung around in my pajamas before getting my ass kicked in Pilates that night.

On Tuesday, my fifth week at C-SPAN started. I still love everything about my internship: the people, the projects, the shows and the daily tasks. When I got home, I started working on my blog. I’m currently following Allyssa Barnes. She has a blog dedicated to making blogs bigger and better. She really has some awesome tips and tricks so I recommend her blog to any blogger out there!

I finished reading Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick on Tuesday night, so EloΓ―se lent me one of her books. I’m not really in the mood for heavy reading, so I chose Did I Mention I Love You?. Sounds cheesy, right? It probably is.

Nothing really special or interesting happened on Wednesday, so here’s a picture of Union Station. That’s the subway where I arrive with the subway in the morning and where I take the subway home. It doesn’t look that big but it has a giant food court and a decent amount of shops in there, so it’s pretty cool! Also, I just love the building.

Thursday was a hot day. And by hot, I mean 24Β°C hot. I loved the outfit I was wearing that day, but I also kind of died because of the combination of heat and tights. I joined my co-workers when they went to get lunch and we passed the Capitol. I know I’ve been here before but this building catches my attention every time I walk past it. It’s just so beautiful.

Friday was just as hot as Thursday. I know I said I kind of died from the heat and the tights and all, but honestly, I can’t complain about this weather. Days like these really boost my mood and happiness to an entire new level. So, you don’t hear me complaining (even though I just kind of did…)

We went to get lunch at Tortilla Coast, a Mexican place near the Capitol. I totally forgot to take pictures there because I was having a really good time. I had a Sunset Burrito and I loved it. I’m going to have to start treating Mexican food like fries in Belgium because it’s so good but also so bad for you.

Also, what’s up with these American bathroom stalls? I mean, I knew about them before coming here but yikes are these gaps big. I have made eye contact with way too many people on the other side of the bathroom door. Can we please fix that, America?

After dinner, I watched Harry Potter. Any HP-movie is my go-to feel good movie.

Saturday was laundry day. We were supposed to go out and explore but it started raining pretty heavily, so I just did some laundry and wrote this blog post instead. Monday is a really exciting day because we are going to see Ariana Grande at Verizon Center in DC! But more on that later…

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