Emilie In DC: Week 2

February 5, 2017

Another week has passed so it’s time to give you guys an update! Here’s what I did during my second week in Washington.

On Monday, my mom’s package with Belgian treats arrived. She had sent it to Washington on January 13, so it took 2,5 weeks to get here. Also, it went through a bit of a struggle as you can see…

On Tuesday, I started my second week at C-SPAN. When I got there, every desk had a little hand sanitizer with a note that said: ‘We hope you fight the cold season with your complimentary hand sanitizer!’ They really take care of their people over here.

On Wednesday, while I was walking to the subway, I walked past the entrance of Union Station. It’s so beautiful and symmetric so I had to take a picture. Also, I love the ceiling on this picture. Sometimes, people forget to look up and then you really miss out on some beautiful sights.

On Thursday, I went to visit the Capitol with three of my co-workers. They showed me around and shared some pretty cool facts. On our way out, we stumbled upon the statue that I really wanted to see. Every state has a statue in the Capitol. That statue represents a person that was/is really important to them. For the state of Hawaii, it’s our Belgian Father Damien (Pater Damiaan). I was so happy I got to see the statue. Belgium, represent!

Since my workweek consists of only four days, the days really fly by. Suddenly, Friday was here. I decided that it’s time to start acting like I’m one of the D.C.’ers going to work, so I picked up an Express at the entrance of Bethesda Station. It’s a free newspaper by The Washington Post. So, on my way to work, I read the newspaper.

On Fridays, I’m the only intern at Intern Alley (the area where we all have our cubicle). I love how quiet it is and how I can watch C-SPAN without having to use headphones.

I came in at 8.00 AM because I had to greet the guests for Newsmakers, a show that airs on Sunday. During the taping, I get to sit in the control room and watch. That’s one of my favorite things I get to do here.

For dinner, we went to the Medieval Madness show. Medieval Madness is basically a show like Monty Python, with skits and comedy during dinner. This was their last weekend ever to perform, so I’m glad I got to see that.

On Saturday, my order from Amazon arrived. I had ordered a new water bottle, because mine was really old and made out of plastic. After a while, the plastic can start to wear off and that’s not the best for your body. So, I got a new one and I love the look of it!

Saturday afternoon, we went exploring in D.C. for a couple of hours. A blog post about that will be up soon! I got to scratch off a few things on my D.C. bucket list, so that’s awesome! On to week 3.

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  • Reply Kim February 5, 2017 at 7:29 PM

    Aaawwww great week again I see! Keep on posting about your adventures ! Very exciting!

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