Cruelty-free products by Rituals

April 26, 2018

rituals, cruelty freeAfter seeing a couple of documentaries, I decided to change up my lifestyle to more plant-based and cruelty-free products. I’m not 100% vegan (I do still eat cheese), but step by step I’m getting better at finding animal friendly products. Rituals is a Dutch brand and they vow to never test on animals. I decided to switch up my face products and bought a couple of items on their webshop!

rituals, cruelty freeSkin Brightening Face Exfoliator – €12.50 // Miracle 3-in-1 Mascara – €17.50

I’ve been trying out these products for about a week now and I have to say I really like them! The face exfoliator is literally the best face scrub I’ve ever tried. I used to love the St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot scrub but I read that the grated apricot pit actually makes tiny tears in the skin, so I went on the lookout for something else. This scrub is way better than the St. Ives one! It’s soft but it still does the trick and for €12.50, you get a lot of product, because a little goes a long way!

The 3-in-1 mascara was a little harder to get used to because of the weirdly-shaped applicator, but after a week of practice I actually really like it! I had somewhat of a cry session this week and IT DID NOT MOVE! No panda eyes, nothing! I don’t really like how expensive it is, but since it’s cruelty-free, I’m guessing it’s worth it. Let’s see how long it lasts!

If you have any good cruelty-free recommendations, let me know! I’m really excited to try some out!


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