Breakfast in London: The Breakfast Club

April 1, 2016

London21As you might have noticed on my Instagram and Twitter, my brother and I visited London for three days. On our last day, we wanted to get breakfast outside of our hotel. After some research, we found The Breakfast Club. It’s a really small place in Soho, London, near the Oxford Circus metro station. Here’s a small review.

First of all, the food was amazing! I ordered pancakes & bacon. I got three pancakes stacked onto each other and covered in bacon and maple syrup. My brother ordered the same but with a side of scrambled eggs. He said they were delicious and so was his hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. In total, we paid Β£22.20 for breakfast for two.

The staff was really friendly and we didn’t have to wait for our food at all! The place itself is kind of small, but it was really cozy to sit. One wall was covered in money bills from costumers from all over the world. And there was a tiny message written on every single bill or piece of paper. Of course, this is an optional thing. You don’t have to do this.

We arrived at 9.20 AM and we had to wait in the queue for about 10 minutes before we could get a table. When we left the place at 9.50 AM, there was a huge line outside, as you can see on the photo. Fortunately, the place is open until 10 PM.

But overall, I really recommend this place! Friendly staff, fast service, affordable prices, a cozy place and most importantly, really good food. You can find the entire breakfast-menu here. And don’t worry, they also serve lunch and dinner. So if you have a hard time getting out of bed, you can still visit The Breakfast Club throughout the day!

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