Blogging 101: My Blogging Routine

October 26, 2017

I often get questions about how to start your own blog, so today, I’m sharing with you my blogging routine!


Since I have a fulltime job, I do most of my work during the weekend. During the week, I think about ideas and write them down on my phone. On Saturday, I brainstorm, look at my list of ideas and choose two or three blog post for the week.

Plan shoots

Next, I think about what I want the pictures to look like. If I can’t take them myself, I almost always ask my brother. He’s been helping me with shooting for years now so he knows exactly what I mean when I tell him how I want the photos to look. Best brother ever!


I try to take pictures or have pictures taken on Saturday, so I have time to edit them. I either use Lightroom or Photoshop. For Lightroom, I have a series of presets I’m still perfecting. I bought some presets and then changed them up to fit my blog. Once the editing is done, I decide if I have time left to prepare at least one blog post.


I do most of my writing on Sunday because I can do it from my bed haha!


Once the posts are done, I plan them in for the week. If I have three blog posts, I’ll post on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. If I have two, I’ll post on Monday and Thursday. Just so they’re spread out evenly.

Follow up on social media

The last thing I need to do is follow up my posts on social media. When a new blog post goes live, I insert the link to that post in my social media bios and post something on my Instastory and Twitter immediately. I post on Facebook and Instagram around 6 P.M. because I found most people are online at that hour. And after that, I do it all over again!

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