Best Breakfast Ever ft. Odette Noisette

June 21, 2018

Odette Noisette, granolaI don’t know about you guys but of all meals, I find making breakfast the hardest. I just want something quick, easy and healthy. Enter Odette Noisette! The best granole I’ve found so far…

Odette Noisette, granola Odette Noisette, granolaOdette Noisette is run by Valerie, and she makes the granola herself! She only uses natural ingredients, without added sugars or salt. The granola consists of different kinds of nuts, seeds and fresh honey.

My favorite way to have it for breakfast:

2 tbsp. soy yogurt, 1 peach or nectarine and 2-3 tbsp. Odette Noisette.

It’s my favorite breakfast because it’s quick, easy and healthy! Sometimes, I like to switch out the nectarine for some grapes, a banana, some strawberries or other kinds of berries. If you’re interested in buying Odette Noisette granola, Valerie sells packages of 400 grams and 800 grams on her website.

What’s your go-to breakfast?


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