8 Shopping Tips You Need

July 2, 2016

SaleThe big sales are coming up in Belgium and while that’s very exciting, it’s also a little bit frightening. I came up with 8 tips you need when you’re going shopping.

1. Go by yourself

Shopping can be really stressful, especially during big sales. If you’re out with friends, chances are you won’t take the time you need to go through all of the items on sale. If you go shopping on your own, you can take all the time you need to decide and you don’t have to feel bad.

2. Don’t go shopping in busy cities

Stores in less busy cities often have more items left in your size. So if you really want to score a certain piece you’ve been eyeballing, try less busy cities.

3. Invest

This is the perfect time to invest in pieces of clothing. Try to find items like coats, fancy dresses, a good pair of jeans and shoes, since those can cost a lot of money throughout the year.

4. Make a list of the stuff you actually need

Go through your closet before actually purchasing new things. Chances are you’re buying stuff you already have and ignoring stuff you actually need. You don’t want to come home, only to realize you don’t have any shirts or dresses left in your closet.

5. Ask yourself if you really want/need that item

Are you buying a particular piece because you want/need it, or because it’s on sale? This question can save you some money!

6. Go shopping on workdays

Stores are less busy on workdays. Especially right when they open, or right before they close.

7. Always try on before you buy

I can’t even count the amount of times I came home with an impulse-bought piece, only to realize it wasn’t the right size for me or it didn’t look good on.

8. Check if your items aren’t damaged

During sales, people tend to destroy pieces in store because they throw stuff around and because they are in a hurry. Before you actually buy your items, make sure there aren’t any holes in them and they aren’t damaged.

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