15 tips for when you’re visiting Dublin

June 20, 2016

Dublin1Today was our last day in Dublin. In a few hours, we are flying back home. We learned a lot about city tripping in Dublin so Wilge and I came up with this list of tips.

  1. Go everywhere on foot. Dublin is not that big so you don’t need public transportation.
  2. When looking for places to eat, don’t stay on the main roads but look for smaller streets with a lot of little restaurants.
  3. When visiting a place you don’t really know much about, try a guided tour! It’s usually not that expensive and you learn a lot more about Ireland and Dublin.
  4. A lot of shops in Dublin have huge sales going on from the middle of June until the end of June.
  5. Be prepared for any kind of weather. Rain, sun, wind, … Anything is possible in Dublin!
  6. Remember that you have to pay with euros in Ireland and that Ireland has a different kind of electrical outlet.
  7. Try opting for a hostel or B&B. They are way less expensive than hotels, and there’s a lot of them right in the center of the city.
  8. When looking for a good place to eat, drink or just relax, ask locals about their favorite places in town.
  9. Do things that tourists normally don’t do: go to a concert, go see a movie, …
  10. Always buy your attraction tickets in advance and online. They’re cheaper and it’s a lot faster.
  11. Opening hours and opening days could be different from your country! Check the opening hours so you don’t miss out on anything.
  12. Try to wander around instead of always looking on your map.
  13. Do some touristy stuff once in a while. If you don’t like to walk all day, use a Hop On/Hop Off-bus to get around.
  14. Don’t drink in Temple Bar. It’s really expensive because a lot of tourists go there.
  15. Try a Guinness!

If you are looking for a few places you have to visit while in Dublin, you can click here and here.

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