What I Bring On A Plane

August 2, 2016

CarryOnTomorrow, I am leaving for Florida. And in a month and a half, I’m starting school again. That’s why I collaborated with Duifhuizen, an online store for bags and luggage. They gave me the chance to pick out my favorite backpack. So this is what I’m taking with me on the plane to Florida!

When looking through Duifhuizen’s website, I fell in love with the Fjällräven Kanken backpack. This one is perfect because it’s great for traveling, but also for school. I always choose a black backpack because it goes with every outfit. Also, I love how you can also just carry this backpack in your hand. But best of all, it’s got plenty of room for everything I need:

I always like to bring a magazine on my flight. Some light reading is great when you’re bored on the plane. I also like to bring a book. I’m still reading Looking for Alaska by John Green. I love it so much; I can’t go a day without reading it!

I’ve been blogging for about two years now, and one of the things I’ve come to find is that new ideas always pop up at really inconvenient times. That’s why I always bring a notebook and a pen with me. Also, sunglasses. They hide the fact that I’m jetlagged when I get off the plane.

Earbuds and headphones! I always bring both because my ears start to hurt after a while, so it’s nice to switch it up. Long-haul flights usually offer movies on your own personal tv-screen, so headphones are great for that. Also, if you want to sleep but there’s too much noise, headphones cancel that out as well.

I always take some painkillers with me on the plane. I can get a headache really quickly, so at least I’m prepared. And of course, I bring my wallet with my passport and flight documents inside.

I can’t go on a trip without bringing my laptop and my external hard drive. Mainly because I love making photos and clips for this blog or my YouTube channel. Editing pictures, writing blog posts, editing videos, … I can’t do it without these two!

Of course, I bring my camera, so I need an extra memory card and my camera charger. I also found this smartphone tripod at Primark for €5,00. This is great for making good quality pictures that I can post on Instagram or Twitter.

The last two things I bring with me are my phone (duh.) and a little bag with my power cords and chargers. I decided to get a Spotify Premium subscription for three months, so I can listen to my favorite music on the plane and while traveling. I really recommend getting a Premium subscription during the summer. You won’t regret it!

Thank you to Duifuizen for collaborating on this blog post with me and for sending me this amazing Fjällräven Kanken backpack! What do you like to bring on a plane?

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