Travel Plans 2017

May 28, 2017

Summer is on its way and just like every other year, I’m sharing with you my travel plans for 2017!

Disneyland Paris

Last year, my brother and I visited Disneyland Paris and we loved it so much, that we decided we’re going back this year! Only this time, we’re making it a fun little road trip. We’ll drive down to Paris, visit both Disney parks for two days and then drive back up to Belgium. I heard the Star Wars park in Disneyland has opened, so I’m ready to go!


A couple of months ago, I won the 2017 EF Blogger Competition and became the EF Blogger for the rest of the year! So, EF is sending me on a language trip to Rome, Italy. There, I’m going to learn how to speak Italian and also just explore. I’ve never been to Rome before, but it’s always been on my list. Yay!


My family and I are going on a one-week trip to southern Austria. We’ll probably spend most of our time hiking and walking around, but Austria has some amazing views so, yes please.


After our week in Austria, we’re going sailing for a week on the Eastern Scheldt. Our family is pretty big on sailing. All of the Ingelaere children and grandchildren know how to sail. That’s a tiny trait our family has that I absolutely love. Anyway, my dad and I will do most of the sailing because we’re really into it. I can’t wait!

Also, in August, my mom and I are going to see Miranda Lambert in the Netherlands! She’s one of my favorite country artists and they almost never make it to Europe so we had to get tickets!

Those are all the trips I’ve planned so far. I do want to take a couple more, just because I love seeing the world and exploring. I might go to Normandy or someplace like that later on in the year but for now, that’s all!

I just wanted to end this blog post by thanking all of you for your amazing support and response to my last blog post about #ProjectSelfLove. I really didn’t expect so many of you reaching out and sharing your stories. It’s been an incredible thing to witness, so thank you so much! xxx

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