Thank you, 2017

December 29, 2017

In today’s blog post, I wanted to look back on my 2017.

January was a pretty crazy month. I moved to Washington, D.C. for my internship and lived in DC for about three months. It was amazing. I loved my internship and my life in America. I got to see the Super Bowl live and I met a lot of politicians like Senator John McCain.

In February, I started writing for Goed Gevoel. They asked me to write weekly posts about my life in America.

In March, I got the amazing news that I was the 2017 EF Blogger and that they would send me to Rome in July. I also auditioned for Legally Blonde and I got the part I wanted!

I celebrated my birthday in April. One of my friends flew into town and we did all the touristy things in the DC-area, like visiting Mount Vernon, Arlington Cemetery and we went to see a basketball game.

April was also my last month at my internship and the month I visited NYC where I saw my first Broadway show, Anastasia, and my second Broadway show, Miss Saigon. Needless to say, I cried a lot in April. But all good tears.

When I came back to Belgium in May, I started rehearsing for Legally Blonde. We also took a trip to Amsterdam for our bachelor’s thesis.

In June, we broadcasted our bachelor’s thesis. CafΓ© Complot was a radio show all about whether or not Paul McCartney died 50 years ago. It ended up receiving a lot of compliments and we even got nominated for a big prize.

July and August consisted of A LOT of traveling. I visited Disneyland with my brother, Rome with Education First as part of their 2017 EF Blogger award, Austria with my family, went sailing with my family and finally saw Miranda Lambert live in The Nederlands with my mom.

In September, I started my first fulltime job. I worked at a local newschannel for a couple of months. But the most exciting thing about September was a wedding. Two of my friends, Tim and Nele, got married and they basically threw the best wedding ever. All of my closest friends were there and we had a blast. We danced the entire night and as you can see, we took over the photobooth. It was the best night ever.

In October, I graduated from college. I graduated with a bachelor’s in Journalism and majored in radio. College was such a fun experience and I met so many amazing people, I was kind of sad it was officially over. BUT, on to new adventures!

In November and December, we played Legally Blonde the musical. We had such a blast and every night, we would get so many positive reactions from the audience. We heard things like: “Best Wysiwyg-show we have seen so far!”, which made us even prouder of our production. Getting the chance to be up on a stage with your best friends is really something I will always cherish. What would I do without these crazy people in my life?

And then December rolled around and 2017 is almost over. I started at my new job and of course, Christmas! I am so grateful for this past year. I learned so much, met so many amazing people, got the chance to do so many cool things and most of all, got to know myself a lot better. So, thank you, 2017.


Photos: Alex Wyckmans and me!

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  • Reply Kim December 29, 2017 at 9:05 AM

    What an amazing year it has been !!
    Very impressed,

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