My 20th birthday

April 9, 2016

Birthday1This past Wednesday, I turned 20 years old. Even though I don’t like hauls that much, a few of my friends and a few of you guys asked me what I got for my birthday. So, here it is: my 20th birthday!

Birthday2My brother had already given me a Harry Potter present when he got back from Comic Con Brussels, so I explicitly asked him not to spend any more money on me. But he insisted and so when we were in the Disney Store on Oxford Street in London, I chose this Tsum Tsum Yoda pillow. It’s so adorable! Plus, It’s actually so handy to travel with.

Birthday3Birthday4My parents were amazing and got me two things of my wish list. First of all, they gave me this speaker by HEMA, which is amazing! I’ve been using it every single day. They also got me tickets to go see Grease The Musical. I saw the show yesterday night and it was everything I wished it would be!

Birthday5One of my best friends got me Looking For Alaska by John Green, and I can’t wait to start reading it! I’m still finishing up on the last Divergent book, which is great too.

I am so very thankful for everything I got. So thank you to everyone who took part in making my birthday amazing!

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