EF Blogger Competition 2017

March 3, 2017

By now, you probably all know that I love traveling. Experiencing new things, whether it’s by myself or with a group of people, is one of my favorite things to do. That’s why this year, I’m participating in the EF Blogger Competition.

If you don’t know what EF is, here is some context. Education First provides language training with cultural exchange, so you get to learn a new language by traveling. You can do this for a week up until an entire year. They have over 46 destinations you can travel to and learn a language. Out of these 46 destinations, I chose two that are by far my dream destinations. One is in Europe, the other is in Central America.

Destination in Europe: St. Julian’s – Malta (English)

The first reason why St. Julian’s is on my list is because I have never been to Malta. Second, up until two hours ago, I didn’t even know a lot about Malta, but I’ve been researching a lot and I would absolutely love to go exploring there. Everything is in walking distance from the EF building and EF organizes trips to Gozo, Sicily and Comino’s blue lagoon. How cool is that? Also, how can anyone resist white beaches and blue waters?

Destination in Central America: Playa Tamarindo – Costa Rica (Spanish)

Costa Rica is also one of my dream destinations and unlike Malta, I’ve wanted to visit Costa Rica since before I knew about EF. It’s always been on my travel bucket list, so when I saw that EF has Playa Tamarindo as a destination, I almost freaked out. The language I would be learning here is Spanish, which is really cool because I believe that Spanish is a world language. I mean, look at how many countries use Spanish as their mother tongue? And what better way to study the language than being in Costa Rica?

On the list of activities you can do in Playa Tamarindo, it says: “horse riding, canopy tours, excursions to Rio Celeste, sailing on a catamaran, visiting volcano’s and a trip to Nicaragua”. Sign me up! Also, Costa Rica has a beautiful rain forest filled with exotic animals.

If you want to plan a cultural exchange, visit the EF website for more information on all your options!

Q: where would you want to learn a new language?

Photos: Pexels

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